Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 13: 20 Day Commitment to Becoming a More Mindful Mother

Today's topic is meditating about? on? our children. Or in the case of Waldorf on the students.

I've written presentations and papers on meditation but I do not practice meditation on a daily basis. I do, do a form of reflection about my day... I guess. It never started purposefully but I've always had a habit of reviewing my day in my mind before I go to sleep at night. But I mostly focus on the negatives and how I could have handled it better, what I can do differently next time that sort of thing. While I think it is important to improve, it may help me to focus on some of the good things that happened during the day. Some of the ordinary life magic that happened (This also happens to be the name of one of my favorite unschooling blog).

Maybe meditation would bring me peace about my day. But how to start? I'm one of those people who gets supremely irritated at those supposedly 'relaxing' voices on the tapes. The nature sounds drive me a little batty. But if I try to meditate in complete silence I always get off track and start dwelling and thinking instead of actually meditating. Hey! (Yep just had a lightbulb moment) Enya! I love Enya, I find it very relaxing ever since my midwife played it during my acupuncture sessions. I could use Enya to meditate to at the end of the day. Although I'm not sure I'm ready to make any kind of commitment to daily meditation. But I am willing to try it for 3 nights and see how it goes. So that's my goal 3 nights of meditation to see where it takes me.

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