Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pumpkin Seed Flour Cake GF, CF, SF

I made my first fondant cake the other day. It was a lot of fun and totally delicious. More and more I am making treats that taste delicious but are also healthier. I found this pumpkin seed flour cake at The Whole Life Nutrition. This blog has never ever let me down. Her recipes have fabulous helpful tips that made me the gluten free, casein free, soy free baker I am today. This cake looked delicious and of course she would serve it with something fruity but I thought it looked like a cake that would hold up under fondant. Nothing I've ever made from her recipes has been crumbly or brittle. Let me tell you this is the moistest, most delicious chocolate cake I've ever eaten and it was extremely easy to make. Finding the pumpkin seed flour was a little trickier. However my local health food store carries Omega products and they ordered it in for me.
I had made the fondant the week before and apparently it keeps in the fridge for months in an airtight container. I tinted it with Wilson's icing tint and rolled it out using a ton of icing sugar. Someone gave me a tip to use cornstarch instead so I'll be trying that next time. I watched a few youtube videos on cake decorating and I was off and decorating. It was actually pretty easy. My kitchen did look like a snowstorm had hit it though and my children did ingest a lot of the fondant in the process. But we had a blast. Everyone who tasted the cake loved it even those who have no allergies and are not gluten free. This is my new standby birthday cake. It looks like it would hold up to a mold. Since M wants a spiderman bust for his 5th birthday. Wow 5.... But I digress. I dirty iced the cake with a regular buttercream first (well regular for us I subbed coconut milk in for the milk and used earth balance soy free version margarine for butter). Do you like my new terminology? I am learning cake lingo.

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