Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The word for toddler should begin with "F" because there are so many other descriptive words that start with this letter that can describe this stage in life: Fascinating, Frustrating, Fun, Fickle, Flirtatious etc....
For background information my son is now 16 month's old. He is entering this fabulous stage.

I am thrilled to watch him explore and learn all about the world around him. His curiousity at times can get frustrating especially in the grocery store. He insists on examining everything I put in the cart and attempting to open every package. He must have magician blood in him because I swear he should not be able to open some of the stuff he gets into.

The talking and babbling has increased tenfold. Oh and the shrieking which I as his mama think is hilarious. His Daddy is not so amused by it. He talks in the stroller and in the car and babbles away to the dog and us. He is starting to copy us and the other day I heard him say "oh sh!t". I think he gets that from Daddy. We will have to watch what we say from now on.

The most frustrating part of raising a toddler is the tantrums as I'm sure every parent can relate. I still haven't found a fullproof way to deal with these so I do not lose my temper (which my son obviously inherited). He gets mad if he doesn't get what he wants, when he wants it, how he wants it. Usually something gets thrown or hit across the room. I'm open to words of wisdom. (We are having a cranky day which this post stems from).

The best thing though is watching his pride in his accomplishments like when he throws or catches a ball we say "clap for (insert son's name)" and he will clap enthusiastically. If we say "clap for daddy or mama" he will shake his head and that's that. Nobody else does it quite as well as him in his mind. It's quite wonderful to watch.

My words of wisdom for the day.... "Enjoy your children and find humour in every situation"

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