Monday, September 3, 2007


We are moving into our very first home. This move is eliciting more emotions than any other before. I am so excited to be in our home with our little family. Of course I am proud of us for achieving our goal. I am also terrified of all the things that could go wrong with my beautiful 93 yr old house. I never thought that I could love an inanimate object but I really do love our house. I am forever daydreaming about the holidays and good times we are bound to have. We are inviting anyone who wants to come to our place for Christmas.

Chris and I were talking yesterday and it occurred to both of us that the housebuying process is very odd. When you buy a new car you get to test drive it for a couple hours take it home see if you can fit things in it. When you buy a house you don't get to test it out often you walk through it once. This is the biggest purchase of our lives and we have only entered the house once.

I never knew how much work it was to buy a house. It requires all sorts of meetings and paperwork. We are still not done and we move in in less than 2 weeks!

I am terribly stressed over the packing and moving and cleaning we are going to have to do in the next month and I am torn between spending the money and hiring someone to do the cleaning and touch ups at the old house and saving the money for things we will need in the new house.

My dear husband has decided he wants to adopt a minimalist approach. This is based on a person having a few really quality items rather than a lot of mid range stuff. I think this is great but what it's really doing is making me want NEW STUFF!!! But if it means that he'll clean as he goes and find places to hide the junk and clutter I am all for it.

I cannot decide what is more exciting for me: the dishwasher or the fence yard with the deck. Maybe it could be a combination because the dishwasher means I can spend more time with my son and dogs in the yard or sitting on the deck. I cannot wait to see Emmett kicking his soccer ball in the new yard or the dogs rolling around on the grass that they have not enjoyed for 2 years. However if they dig a hole in my immaculate yard I will have to skin their furry butts!

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