Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 11: 20 Day Commitment to Becoming a More Mindful Mother

I've been stuck on this topic for a couple days since life has been a little overwhelming. Not a lot of computer time.
Today's topic: Making my home work for me...
The first thing that comes to mind is comfortability. I want the people I love whether they live with me or not to feel comfortable in my home. I guess this boils down to a sense of warmth, welcoming and belonging. Being a homemaker actually brings me great joy that I never thought it would. I always thought the career world would bring that fulfillment and joy but I am never truly happier than when I am spending quality time in my home with my loved ones. I love to make good food and share it, I like create handmade items for people, I like to have tea and snacks for those visitors that drop by for a chat. The motivation to do these things usually sparks when I feel cared for.

This means I have to work on maintaining me so that I can maintain my house. I have been working on this. I am making progress and progress is good. I am getting out more and spending more time on me. Still some things to be added in but I wasn't built in a day and I won't get to where I want to be in a day either.

A major part of what makes a home work or not is whether or not the physical space works. H and I have been discussing this for a while. Our home feels cluttered. Our yard feels cluttered. We are currently working on the outdoors. When snow flys we will be focusing our attentions indoors on a major decluttering process. H wants us each to pair down to 100 items. There is a current blog challenge on this not sure which one I will have to ask. For the most part I am a purger not a saver but lately I have been saving a lot. I love a deal and usually cannot resist getting something I know we COULD use if it is on sale. I think I will have to go on a no buying spree for anything non-essential for us to get our STUFF pared down. I will also be referring to flylady's site when embarking on this journey. Our STUFF is getting out of control and with the basement reno's we do not have much storage space. It is true that the less stuff you have the less time it takes you to clean.

Maternity leave has left me in my house more than I ever am when I am working full time. This means that the cleanliness of the house has a compounded effect on my mood. I can breathe easier, relax faster, work more efficiently in a tidy house.

Food is one part of the home and what works that I feel I am actually excelling. Both H and I love food and the process of creating and sharing good food. As an effort to save money I started baking our breads. Now if I can make something myself I will not buy it in the store. I will buy the ingredients myself. This makes me feel GREAT! It also controls the amount of allergens M eats since soy is in almost every packaged product you buy including chocolate chips. Anyways that's a different post entirely.

The feeling in my home is hopefully warm and inviting. We laugh and giggle and play a lot in our home. Usually someone is quick to point out if another is grumpy and we all try to make it better. I would love to make it more inviting with more comfortable places to sit especially in the kitchen as this is where the heart of my home is and also where people tend to gather. I have a beautifully refinished kitchen table now I just need chairs to match. I would like to feel more peaceful at home. I would also like for the center or heart of the home to not have a tv but unfortunately in this house their really is only one place for it. I feel like the tv sucks away good conversation during get togethers and also sometimes in the evenings with H and I. Giving it up though is not a step I am currently ready to take though. I also want to change the colours of the walls. They are nice but they are not MY colours since they were chosen by the previous owner. That will have to wait until after maternity leave though when our belts are not strapped so tight.

Well since this post has spanned quite a few days it is a little disjointed and it appears I have lost my train of thought. What makes your home work for you?

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