Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 8: 20 Day Commitment to Becoming a More Mindful Mother

So it appears that I missed Day 8. It's about Nature! So I guess my posts will have to be renumbered lol.

I have a very firm belief that seems to fit with Waldorf and Steiner. I believe we need time outside every day. We all need to connect with nature. It resets the equilibrium and clears the head. Nature chases the grumpies away or at least it does for me. Our society spends most of it's day 'plugged in' to the TV, the net, the radio. There is usually some sort of media playing in the background if not in the forefront. I believe we all need to unplug daily and get out into nature. There really is no substitute. The imaginary games and activities M comes up with outside are fabulous. I have got to take the time to record some of them on paper so we can look back at what he used to play and how he is progressing

We bought this house mostly for the yard. Right now with the reno's on the basement the yard is being somewhat neglected. This means it is less enjoyable to spend time in. With our porch gone and temporary stairs up it is also more difficult to get in and out easily. During the spring and summer M and I were out there every day. In this town we have at least 6 months of winter and cold. Which means we need to suck up the sunshine and warmer weather while it's here. Hopefully this weekend we can put the yard into some semblance of order and get out there and enjoy it. However even with the yard in the state it is in we are fortunate enough to have a gorgeous park and wonderful playground right next door. So there is really no excuse for not getting out into nature. Yet we will go days where we go from the car to the house and do not stop to enjoy the great outdoors. When we were outside every day M slept better, ate better, behaved better. He has always been a little nature bug. He used to sit in and dig in the flower pots for hours last fall. Time to get the shovels out and start digging before the ground is frozen.

Maybe the reason we do not go outside as much as I would like is that I always feel like I should be doing something inside. Cooking, cleaning, organizing all of this is indoor work. These activities seem to have a louder call for me. I have a hard time just hanging out at the park or dawdling down the path for a walk. It seems I need some sort of stimulation. Maybe outside time would assist me in my goal of reconnecting with M? When we are outside I am more 'present' with my kids. There are less distractions and I am not doing something else at the same time as interacting with them. But a focus outside for me would probably also help. There are many tasks to be done out there. Parenting passageway says there is no bad weather only bad clothes. I am not quite sure she has been out in 40 below weather! Nonetheless it is not 40 below right now. She also makes suggestions for bringing the outdoors in which I am going to implement this winter. I start my seeds in March but I'm sure there are things we can do in December and January. M would have a blast planting an indoor herb garden. He loves to pick fresh herbs and add them to his various concoctions.

I will come back and finish this post later as I cannot connect to the parenting passageway website and there is a post I want to read on connecting kids to nature. The site was down all day. Which puts me yet another day behind in this series. Today is activity and errand filled but perhaps we could hop on over to the soccer field after gymnastics with our soccer ball. Must pack warm clothes it's a tad bit chilly and the soccer ball of course.

Today's goal: Get outside!

This weeks outdoor goals/plans:

Start vermicomposting
leaf cleanup
recycling cleanup
M's playhouse cleanup
pick up sled from Granny
Move dirt pile
turn compost
cut down perrenials
dog poo (ICK!) love my fluffy friends do not love picking up their business.

Phew! there is lots to do outside if anyone has any tips on where to put/how to occupy D I'd love to hear them. Most of this work is rather difficult while babywearing.

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