Thursday, October 22, 2009

20 day Commitment to Being a More Mindful Mother

Parenting Passageway just finished a series of posts over the course of 20 days on her journey to becoming a more mindful mother. This series has inspired me to do the same so I am starting today. I feel by making it public via the internet I will stick to my commitment better than if I was just journalling for myself.

I need to develop my mission statement as a parent. I usually just fly by the seat of my pants and lately that's not working as well as I would like. I am losing my cool over age appropriate behaviours that just happen to irritate me in that moment. I am struggling with the lack of sleep and lack of patience. I need to change my mindset. If you are feeling like me I challenge you to join me in this journey.

Day 1 is all about inner work. I believe in order to be a great parent we need to know ourselves. So here is some self-reflection for Day 1.

Things I am passionate about:

1. The Environment: I truly believe we all have a part to play in taking care of our world. I try to do as much as I can on a daily basis.
2. Living Healthy and Naturally: This to me means limiting exposure to chemicals and man made products inside and out of our bodies. Doing it ourselves instead of finding a ready made product. Doing what mother nature intended for us. Examples of this in my life would be cooking whole foods and not buying packaged products and growing my own food or buying locally.
3. Being the best mother I can for my children and the best wife for my husband: This does not mean being perfect this means bettering myself at every opportunity I get. This means being fully present for my children.
4. Self-care: If I am not willing to take care of myself and my issues then I have no right to gripe to others about it.
5. Education: This is essential to my sanity. I need to know that there is research behind my decisions. I need to progress and stay current in my profession.

If I had to choose 2 values to pass on to my children it would be Caring and Compassion. I think the world needs more of these values. Maybe some of our societal problems could be diminished if everybody lived their lives with these values at the forefront?

Parenting passageway mentions that most people (in the US) do not have strong beliefs regarding spirituality and religion. I realize this is a lifelong journey but maybe some of my imbalance stems from my lack of entrenched beliefs about these subjects as well. In the next 20 days I hope to explore this and maybe find a path towards spirituality in my life to model for my children.
Those are my self-reflections and thoughts for Day 1.

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