Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rhythm: Day 7 of 20 Days to Becoming a More Mindful Mother

Today's topic is rhythm. This means the flow of the day. Parenting Passageway has a distinctly Waldorf view of the world. So this post did not really resonate with me at first. However thinking about for a little longer I realized that there is a flow to our day and if it gets disrupted we all feel out of sorts. The Waldorf perspective is that children under 7 do not need activities outside of the home. Maybe if I lived out of town or off the grid this would feel true. I think preschool and gymnastics are great activities to look forward to. I think they help with his listening, social and motor skills. Yes he could probably get this at home but he is having fun and it gives me a much needed break.

There are also some things I would like to add to our day but am unsure how to accomplish this. We need to get outside more but currently our yard and porch are in disarray. We need to get the dogs walked but D hates the stroller and my back is bothering me so long walks with her in the carrier are out as well. We also need a rest time in the afternoon. I am just unsure of how to get M to settle down and sit still without the use of the TV. The afternoon would be an ideal time for a walk although this is usually when I get supper started. Maybe I can plan ahead for the weeks meals and get some extra prep and cooking done on the weekend? Maybe D would tolerate the wagon with her brother?

The dog keeps disrupting D's morning nap. it often throws of our whole day. This I can fix Now! I am moving the dog's bed out of our room and into the living room. I do not know why I did not think of this before. She makes me livid when she wakes the baby but that's her room too at the moment. So I have to work on making it a space that's not hers and she has to be invited into.

How to fit everything in? I have to let some things go.

I have been trying to get grocery shopping done without the kids so they are not dragged around on a bunch of errands wasting their whole day. I also think that minimizing our possessions and reorganizing the house would decrease the amount of time I have to spend tidying, cleaning and picking up. This is something H and I are going to work on together. How much stuff do we really need? Is it hampering the flow of our day or our space? If so time to let it go.
Getting up earlier would help me get everything done. I just need to find some of that inner discipline. I have been wanting to fit a workout into my day and there's no where to put it. D does not like strangers is still quite young for childminding. Early morning would work if I can only just get out of bed. Maybe I should make that my goal next week? Or maybe I should start tommorow?

I also feel I need to sit down and play with M more. I try to avoid entertaining him because he can get so demanding and once I give him my full attention he does not want to let it go. But if I create a time in the day when D is napping that is totally focused on him and ends when she wakes up then he will likely know that the time is over when she wakes and go back to amusing himself. He needs a better rhythm to his day now that the weather is turning and we will have less time outside. He gets antsy and now I am realizing why. When we were gardening daily he was much happier and lighter.

I also have made a point this week of not describing myself as busy. Being busy has negative conotations and generally makes me feel like I cannot relax and enjoy life because I should always be doing something. I really think this is helping.
Hmmm this has given me much food for thought...

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